ClearCal is a practical, inexpensive way to protect an Apple Watch screen

Although I don't need my Mac laptops and desktops to be as thin as a supermodel, I do want my Apple Watch to be reasonable svelte and lightweight since I wear it on my wrist.

That's why I've no interest in the "cases" for the Apple smartwatch that companies such as Speck, Tough Armor, and Spigen make. Still, I don't want my Watch screen scratched. Since I run and do other sports while wearing it, that's certainly a possibility. 

ClearCal big.jpg

The RadTech ClearCal is a good compromise. It adds protection while adding imperceptible thickness to the smartwatch. It's a protective film that protects and enhances your Watch display. 

The ClearCal is (relatively) easy to apply or remove. Thankfully, it can be cleaned and reapplied multiple times. RadTech's low surface tension adhesive features a blemish healing effect that the company says fills and conceals scratches, surface defects, and abrasions on watch crystals.

Two film finishes are included with each $9.95, six-pack of ClearCals. Three are anti-glare finishes that eliminate reflection and reduce oil deposits, and fingering friction. Three are transparent finishes, which preserve the original screen appearance while reducing fingering friction.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★