How to check for malware and ‘bad’ plists manually on your Mac

Recently, I noted that unwanted ads popping up on my iMac telling me that there was malware on my computer and that I needed to buy some products to deal with this. Since the Malwarebytes app showed that my iMac was “clean,” I decided to check things out manually using instructions I found at the very useful Dr. Cleaner website.

Plist removal.jpg

Here’s how to do this:

First, open the Finder and type Shift+command+G. A pop-up box dubbed “Go to the folder” will appear. 

Then, type the following three commands respectively:




Click “Go” and check whether there is any weird looking plists or ones with with garbled/random file name. If you find some, delete ‘em and restart your Mac. Removing all plists with adobe in the name fixed my problem.

By the way, a plist file is a settings file, also known as a "properties file," used by macOS applications. It contains properties and configuration settings for various programs.