Send Facebook & Twitter a message: Use MeWe instead

Screenshot 0509.png

A lot of people have finally gotten fed up with the kings of social networks -- Facebook and Twitter. Facebook started by finally admitting that yes, YOU are their product and they're busy selling your data to the highest bidder. Twitter has threatened to limit third-party apps and has questionable criteria for handing out the almighty "verified" checkmark. Both locations are full of hatred. Tired of them? MeWe might be the place to go. 

MeWe seems a little like Twitter and Facebook in the early days, with pioneers starting to set up groups and trying out the tools. The network can be visited in your favorite browser on Macs or you can use the free iOS app. As the company says, there's "No ads, no tracking, no BS". They're not in business to sell your data; instead, they've developed a MeWePro system that can be used by teams, somewhat like Slack - that's how they'll make revenue.

As with Twitter and Facebook you can converse with other people. Unlike Twitter, it's a real chat engine that you're using and unlike Facebook, it's built into the app -- you don't use another app for "Messenger"-type chats. One other thing you can pay for -- a "Secret Chat" function that encrypts your chats.

There are built-in tools for creating GIFs, memes, and voice memos. Anyone can start a group, and they can make it wide open or ask people to answer a few questions and be approved before joining. 

Things are a bit "quiet" right now on MeWe, but I think the time is ripe for people who are disgusted with Facebook and Twitter to leave and give another player a chance. I honestly can't think of a reason NOT to join MeWe and at least try it out. If you liked social networks before they started being evil, MeWe is worth a look. Apple ought to buy this company and set up its own social network...