Get a deal on Hider 2 for Mac


It's increasingly important to keep your private data...private! One of our favorite ways to do that is using a wonderful utility from MacPaw called Hider 2. It lets you hide and encrypt data on your Mac, making it impossible for anyone but you to access your files without your knowledge. Today's deal in the Apple World Today Deals Shop? Get Hider 2 for $12.99, 34 percent off of the regular $19.95 price tag. 

Using AES-256 encryption and password protection, Hider 2 lets you:

  • Hide & encrypt individual files or entire folders
  • Create custom groups to keep your data tidy
  • Make in-app notes to keep track of passwords & phone numbers while remaining organized
  • Tag files to make sorting & filing hidden files easy
  • Put encrypted, hidden data on external drives
  • Access your data at a moment's notice w/ the menu bar icon
  • Integrate w/ Finder to hide data directly from a Finder window

It's almost impossible for others to hack your private data if they can't see it! Get Hider 2 today at this discounted price while it lasts!