GekkoStick: It's much more than a selfie stick


Selfie sticks are great for helping you get that perfect shot of you and your friends, but sometimes you need more than just a stick. That's where the uniquely-designed GekkoStick comes in. It's flexible, can wrap around an arm or tree limb to act as a tripod, and it even has an included Bluetooth remote so you can trigger your phone to take photos from up to 30 feet away. The GekkoStick is on sale today for $16.95 in the Apple World Today Deals Shop. 

  • Twist the GekkoStick into any range of positions to take the perfect photo
  • Attach to branches, railings, & other objects to set up group photos
  • Curl it up & put in your pocket w/ ease
  • Use the included Bluetooth remote to trigger your phone from distance

With all of those summer photo opportunities coming up, it's the perfect time to get your GekkoStick.