AWT TV Episode 38: App reviews and a visit from a cat

April 17, 2018 was not only the night that we recorded AWT TV episode 38, but it was also Black Cat Appreciation Day. Apparently Steve's cat Merry thought that meant that she could participate in the AWT TV episode, since she shows up toward the end of the show.

In this episode we talked about some of the more recent Apple-related news, and had a few app demos for the audience. Steve showed off the Just Press Record app ($4.99) for iPhone and Apple Watch, which can be used to record voice and turn it into text. Very helpful if you want to do blogging with an Apple Watch! Steve also demoed WatchAir, which works with a Digital TV OTA (over-the-air) antenna to act as a tuner and DVR, and the Movies Anywhere app. The latter is a way that digital movies from various studios -- Disney, 20th Century Fox, Universal, Sony Pictures, and Warner Brothers -- can be accessed from one source. The app works with digital copies made available with DVD or Blu-Ray purchases as well.

Marty demonstrates Ava Airborne, an endless runner game with an aerial twist

Marty demonstrates Ava Airborne, an endless runner game with an aerial twist

Marty gave us a demo of some new features of the ESPN app, as well as a tip you probably didn't know about the standard iPhone alarm clock app. But his highlight of the evening was a fun free (with in-app purchases) endless runner called Ava Airborne! It looks like a real blast, and if you can get beyond Marty's level (14 or 15!), let us know!

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