The iPhone X tallied 35% of all handset industry profits in quarter four of 2017

If the iPhone X is a “bomb” as some reports would have you believe, Apple needs more bombs like this. In a note to clients — as noted by CNBC — Counterpoint Research says the high-end smartphone captured 35% of the total handset industry profits in the fourth quarter of 2017.

iPhone X.jpeg

The iPhone X generated five times more profits than the combined profits of over 600 Android original equipment manufacturers [original equipment manufacturers] during the period, notes the research group. Apple remained the most profitable brand, capturing 86% of the total handset market profits.

"Apple grew 1% (YoY) even with the iPhone X being available for only two months in Q4 2017. The iPhone X alone generated 21% of total industry revenue and 35% of total industry profits during the quarter," Research Analyst Karn Chauhan said in a statement. "The share of iPhone X is likely to grow as it advances further into its life-cycle. Additionally, the longer shelf life of all iPhones ensured that Apple still has eight out of top 10 smartphones, including its three-year-old models, generating the most profits compared to current competing smartphones from other OEMs," Chauhan informed.