Rumor: the follow-up to the iPhone X could be even more expensive

Sales of the iPhone X are disappointing so Apple may raise the price of the follow-up to the high-end smartphone later this year, according to UBS.

iPhone X Plus.jpg

In fact, the tech giant could raise the price of the new 2018 flagship iPhone X to $1,100, according to an analysis of average sales prices (ASPs) by analysts Steven Milunovich and Benjamin Wilson. Their belief is that "once Apple establishes a price band it typically keeps it, consistent with what we've heard from former Apple employees," the UBS told clients in a note, as noted by Business Insider

The analysts also predict that at the pricer iPhone X follow-up with the price of the entry-level iPhone SE dropping as low as $300. 

The Sellers Research Group (that’s me) think Milunovich and Wilson are kinda correct. However, I think the “iPhone X Plus” will keep the same price point as the iPhone X, but will be joined by a 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus that will cost $1,100 (or even $1,200, depending on which new features are introduced). However, I do think the price of the iPhone SE will drop to $300, but that the entry-level smartphone won’t be updated with new features.