MYNT ES Bluetooth tracker: Lower price, same old Bluetooth tracker issues

Over the years we've reviewed probably a dozen or so Bluetooth trackers. These are small devices that are meant to clip onto or slip inside something that you absolutely don't want to lose. An accompanying iPhone app pings the lost item, which makes a noise so that it's easier to find it. Sounds good, right? Well, most of these trackers are somewhat expensive, need to be recharged or thrown away when they lose power, and beep too quietly to be heard. The MYNT ES ($14.49, Amazon affiliate link) tracker is a new device that is supposed to challenge all of these downsides.


Like most trackers, the MYNT ES is thin (about 1/8th inch) and light (.2 oz/6 grams). It's made of black or white plastic, and has a hole on one end so that it can be clipped to a key chain or a knotted string. 

The iOS app is used to pair the MYNT ES to your phone, making it easy to tap a button and listen for the little tune that is played by the MYNT to find whatever it is attached to. It works the other way as well; press the MYNT ES and your iPhone pings so you can find it.

That app works similarly to the way that a lot of other tracker apps work; if you lose something, you can denote it as being lost in the app. If anyone with the MYNT app on their iPhone or Android phone happens to walk by your MYNT ES, you get an indication of the location of where your lost item is. The more people who own a MYNT device, the higher the probability that someone will walk past your lost item and that you'll get that all-important notification. 

Some devices I've tested require battery replacement twice a year, while others need to be plugged in for a monthly recharge. The MYNT ES works off of a common CR2032 button battery for a year and is easily user-replaceable. 


I've had middling luck with most trackers over the years, which is why I was quite interested in reviewing the MYNT ES. The first thing I liked about it was the low cost. Some other trackers I've tested have cost 2 - 3 times as much and basically performed the same function. 

I set up and did my initial testing with MYNT ES before going on a short vacation in March. It was easy to connect to, the app was simple to use, and it performed as expected. Unlike most of the trackers I've tested, it's also a bit louder and you can hear it from a further distance away. It's also not just beeping; the MYNT ES plays a small tune that is instantly recognizable.

The MYNT ES has been clipped to my keychain since early March and while doing my initial testing, I would get a notification on my iPhone that my keys were away from the phone. That wasn't true -- in all cases where I got these false alarms, the iPhone was in my left pants pocket, the MYNT ES in the right. 

Since that time -- over a month -- I haven't heard any beeps or tunes, nor have I received any notifications. This morning, when beginning to write this review, I found out why -- the app had lost connection with the device. Today I long-pressed the button on the MYNT and it did finally reconnect with my iPhone, which "replied" by blasting out a tune. 

For a device that's supposed to constantly be aware of where it is in relation to an iPhone, having it drop a connection for a month isn't good. Why didn't the app provide a notification that it wasn't in contact with the MYNT ES? 

I'd suggest that any potential buyers do what I'm now going to do -- ping my iPhone (or vice-versa) once a day or once a week so that I know that the MYNT ES and iPhone are connected. Otherwise, it's not going to do you any good if you do happen to lose your keys or wallet.


I like the lower cost of entry of MYNT ES and the louder tone it emits. I also like the fact that I can replace the battery in it once a year. However, the false alarms I received in early testing coupled with the loss of connection for over a month without warning me give me pause in giving MYNT ES a positive recommendation: it's no better or worse than any other Bluetooth tracker I've used.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★

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