Apple should buy MeWe and grow the ‘Apple Tree' as a Facebook alternative

With Facebook admitting charges of wrongdoing in the Cambridge Analytics scandal, perhaps Apple should create its own social network.

Tim Bajarin, president of Creative Strategies, thinks so. In a blog post, he says it's time for Apple to create their own secure private social network. 

Bajarin notes that Apple already has the backend infrastructure in place to support this and could charge a nominal monthly fee of $1.99 to $2.99 a month to cover adding additional back-end network infrastructure to support adding hundreds of millions of social networks users to their service/system.

Photo courtesy of Yu-Kai Chou

Photo courtesy of Yu-Kai Chou

My Apple World Today compadre, Marty Edwards, suggests Apple introduce a social network dubbed the “Apple Tree” where you’re the main trunk and you branch out to friends, etc. He notes that the network first first be adopted by the plethora of people who already use Apple devices then, if it’s as popular as expected, would pull even more people into the Apple ecosystem. 

Another AWT compadre, Steve Sande, takes the idea one step further: Apple should buy MeWe, which is already secure and private, and beef up the infrastructure even more. See Steve’s thoughts on MeWe here.