The Polar Balance is a complete, iOS-compatible weight management service

If you’re looking for a way to help manage your weight, consider the Polar Balance. It’s a weight management service that combines the Polar Balance Bluetooth Smart scale, a Polar activity tracker, and the Polar Flow app and web service. The Polar Balance scale is available in black or white for $99.95.

You begin by setting a target weight in Polar Flow. When you weigh yourself on the Polar Balance scale, your current weight is sent to your Polar wearable fitness product or directly to the Polar Flow app, available on iOS and Android. Polar Balance keeps track of your activity and weight and also provides motivational feedback and practical advice, such as encouraging individuals to increase daily activity by a particular amount or decrease caloric intake.

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The goal is to ensure that you’re not only getting enough of the right types of exercise, but also eating healthy. The online component calculates personalized daily activity goals in order to help users reach their goal weight, and then maintain it.

The heart of Polar Balance is the Weight Loss Speedometer in Polar Flow. At one glance, you can see how quickly you’re losing or gaining weight, and whether you should eat less or be more active. Polar Balance eliminates the need for complicated food diaries or calorie intake estimations because it takes into account your 24/7 activity and weight trends.

You just need to reach their daily activity goals and maintain a steady, healthy diet. What’s more, because Polar Flow tailors activity goals to an individual’s needs, Polar fitness trackers help provide appropriate motivation and guidance to keep users on track.

The Polar Balance system communicates via Bluetooth Smart technology. Polar Balance users can track their daily activity with a Polar wearable fitness product such as Polar Loop, Loop 2, Loop Crystal, M400 and V800. A360 compatability is coming soon.

Or if you don’t want to spring for those devices, the Polar Balance can also be used as a stand-alone scale. The scale is a family solution that can be used by up to 10 people.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★