Optimize your Wi-Fi connection with this deal on NetSpot Pro


With rare exceptions, most of us use Wi-Fi networks to connect our Macs to the Internet. Are you getting the most out of your connection? NetSpot Pro is a powerful utility that analyzes wireless networks by giving you the ability to visualize, optimize and troubleshoot them. A unique mapping feature lets you view dead zones in your home or office for optimal hotspot placement. Normally you'd pay $198 for a lifetime NetSpot Pro license, but we're giving you a heck of a deal -- it's now just $39.

Here's what you can do with NetSpot Pro:

  • Visualize, manage, troubleshoot, audit, plan, & deploy wireless networks
  • Analyze your WiFi coverage anywhere you are or plan on being
  • Easily assure that hotspots are placed correctly & radio channels are assigned properly
  • Identify dead zones on a network using the visual map
  • Load a visual map, collect survey data, & build a comprehensive heatmap of a network
  • View any number of Access Points (BSSIDs) simultaneously
  • Utilize flexible grouping of APs by SSID, channel, vendor, security, etc. & custom groups
  • Choose from multiple export possibilities, including new customizable advanced reports
  • Run Internet download & upload speed tests

The lifetime license gives you all major and minor updates...forever. Pay once and you'll get every update for as long as you own the software. Get this deal today because it's going away soon...