Analyst: 5.8-inch OLED iPhone could be 10% cheaper to make than the iPhone X

Analyst Luke Lin of Digitimes Research claims Apple’s 5.8-inch follow-up to the iPhone X will cost 10% less to produce than the high end smartphone. 

2018 iPhones.jpg

In line with other projections, he says Apple’s 2018 iPhone line-up will consist of two OLED-based iPhones (5.85-inch and 6.45-inch) and a 6.1-inch LCD model. Line believes that, thanks to cost reduction, the tech giant may position the new 5.85-inch device as the cheapest model of three next-gen iPhones.

DigiTimes Research has a hit-and-miss record with its prognostications about Apple, but the Sellers Research Group (that’s me) say Lin may be correct with his latest prediction.