Apple posts new webpage for ‘Families’

Apple has posted a new webpage dubbed “Families,” which promotes the kid friendliness of its products. 

For example, the tech giant touts the Kids section of the App Store. Apple says it’s carefully curated to be a “great space for children.” In Restrictions, parents can tap an age range so their kids can buy or download only apps appropriate for them — including curated recommendations.


Apple notes that you can, if you wish, prevent kids from installing new apps, like social media or photo sharing — or even turn off the Safari web browser. Enable Ask to Buy, and you can approve or decline their app purchases and downloads right from your device.

The Families site also tells parents how to: manage in-app purchases, set up kids’ devices to limit adult content, and keep children rom accessing movies, TV shows, music, apps, books, or podcasts that contain things you don’t want them to see or hear.