Siri and Alexa are changing how Europeans get health info

Voice assistant programs such as Apple’s Siri and Google’s Alexa, as well as voice search, are poised to transform how patients and physicians find medical information in Europe, research from Manhattan Research.

Data from the research group’s surveys of European patients and physicians shows surprising early use of these technologies by doctors, and strong demand among consumers for their use in health tasks. Among the findings:   

  • Over half of EU5 physicians (56%) use or are interested in using voice assistants in their work
  • Among the 17% of EU5 physicians already using voice assistants, Apple's Siri is used by two in three for clinical practice, while Google Assistant is used by half (Amazon's Alexa comes in third place, used by 27% of these early adopters)
  • Use of voice assistants by physicians was particularly high in southern European markets such as Spain, where 1 in 4 (24%) physicians uses a voice assistant in clinical practice

Consumer use of voice search for health is very modest, but demand is strong, with 45% of European adults online expressing interest in using voice assistants for health-related needs. Notably, nearly one in four European smartphone users use voice search on that device, and among these mobile voice search users, one in four say they’re increasingly opting for voice search over typing in search terms.