The old Option key trick for your Mac's Wi-Fi menu

I heard this on one of my favorite podcasts—MacGeekGab—and it reminded me that if I had forgotten about it, so (perhaps) have you.

So, here's the tip: Hold down the Option key before you click the Wi-Fi menu to see additional useful information regarding your connection and available networks.

Here's my Wi-Fi menu without the Option key:

Option one.jpeg

And, here's my Wi-Fi menu with the Option key:

Option two.jpeg

The most important bit of information (at least to me) is the MCS Index. While not a precise measure of network throughput, I've found that the higher the number, the better/faster the connection in that spot, at least for downloading or streaming media.

I did a few quick spot checks around my home and office and they seem to confirm my hypothesis: 

MCS Index.jpeg

Before you write to tell me that neither the MCS index nor the Speedtest app are particularly accurate, save yourself the trouble—I know. The thing is, this tip gives you a handy, free way to get an idea of your current connection quality.     

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