Apple may offer rebates to customers who have purchased full price iPhone batteries

Apple is exploring whether to offer rebates to customers who previously purchased fresh iPhone batteries in the wake of “Batterygate,” the controversy about the company’s practice of slowing down older devices, reports Recode.

Sen. John Thune, who leads the tech-focused Commerce Committee, asked Apple in a letter last month: “Has Apple explored whether consumers who paid the full, non-discounted price for a replacement batter in an effort to restore performance should be allowed to seek a rebate for some of the purchase price?”

Batterygate .jpg

In response, Cynthia Hogan, the iPhone giant’s vice president for public policy in the Americas, told Thune in a reply released today: “Yes, we are exploring this and will update you accordingly.”

Apple has published an apology letter to customers in regards to “Batterygate” for slowing down older phones to compensate for erratic battery performance. The tech giant is offering $29 replacement batteries for those with an iPhone 6 or later. The discount, which represents a $50 savings, starts in late January and ends in December 2018. Apple will also add more battery health information to iOS to let users know when the battery begins to compromise performance.