Deal: These TAMO Forever Cables could be the last ones you'll need to buy


Aren't you tired of having to purchase Lightning charging cables all the time? Many of the bargain cables are made of plastic that tends to crack or fray after limited use, meaning that you end up throwing out cables that are no longer usable. How about a tough, steel-coiled cable that won't fray? These TAMO Forever Cables got their name because they're designed and built to last...forever. At $27.99 for each 3-foot MFi-certified cable, you'll get a lifetime of service charging your devices.

Available in silver, gold, rose gold and black, the TAMO Forever Cables charge your phone in style:

  • Steel coiled cables have reinforced soldering for industrial-grade protection against everyday tears, rips, or blowouts
  • MFi-Certified for guaranteed fit & long-lasting use
  • Wrapped in alloy-reinforced layer for minimum weight & maximum strength
  • Built to untangle itself so it can easily be rolled up without any knots

This sale price is only good for a short time, so buy your cables today!