Deal: Be the boss of your password with this lifetime subscription to Password Boss Premium

How many online user name/password combinations do you have? A hundred? Five hundred? Most people have problems remembering all of those user names and passwords, then end up doing the thing security experts hate -- using the same password for everything. Be secure and use a different strong password for every online account using Password Boss Premium, on sale this week with a lifetime subscription for $19.99.


You can let Password Boss create passwords made up of randomized character strings for the best security of all, and then:

  • Use one master password to fill in unique usernames & passwords for different websites
  • Store an unlimited number of passwords
  • Auto-fill forms on websites w/ saved passwords
  • Access your passwords anywhere w/ syncing across devices
  • Share passwords w/ unlimited number of people
  • Prevent data theft by deleting data from lost devices & utilizing 2-step verification

Password Boss works on all platforms: Mac, iOS, even Android and Windows. Get your lifetime subscription for three devices for $19.99, five devices for $24.99, or an unlimited number of devices for $34.99.