We need the ‘Apple Pad,’ which would replace both the iPad Pro and Mac

Now that Apple is surely considering [sarcasm intended] my suggestion of an “AppleOS” that would replace both the iPad Pro version of iOS and macOS, it needs the perfect device to take advantage of this next gen operating system. And — as I bet you knew — I have just the idea: the Apple Pad.

Apple Pad.jpg

Image an iPad Pro form factor that works with a detachable keyboard, as well as a mouse and trackpad. Imagine such a device plugging into a 21-inch or 27-inch Apple Display (let’s call it the Apple Vision) that has touch control AND gesture control. You could also plug in an external GPU for even better performance and connect external drives for more storage.


Voila! You’d have one device to replace your Mac desktop, Mac laptop, and iPad Pro. The Apple Pad would pack an Apple-developed processor and could be offered in various sizes: 11-inches, 13-inches, and 15-inches.

Under this scenario, when you want a big screen, keyboard, lots of processing power, etc., you would use the Apple Pad/Apple Vision/eGPU combo. When you’re on the go, detach the Apple Pad and take it with you.

No need to thank me, Tim. Just cut me in on a share of the Apple Pad sales….