QLYX Smart Magnetic Car Mount: The app-enabled mount for your iPhone

If something as simple as a smartphone mount for your car could add a minute or two to your busy day, wouldn’t you want to hear more about it? There is such a beast and we have it on sale today — it’s the QLYX Smart Magnetic Car Mount ($37) and it works in tandem with an iOS app to provide real-time traffic data, driving statistics, active weather forecasting and more to your iPhone as you drive.

  • Mounts easily in your car & attaches magnetically to any smartphone through any case

  • Launches desired apps like Waze, Spotify, Pandora, Google Maps, and more automatically when you get in your car & unlock your phone

  • Collects driving statistics & saves history of each trip

  • Drops a parking pin automatically when you leave your car

  • Shows weather forecast & traffic situations in real-time

  • Offers directions to home or work automatically

  • Pairs w/ two or more smartphones

  • Customize your dashboard w/ available widgets

QLYX raised over $200,000 on Kickstarter and has been a popular accessory ever since. You’ll get the QLYX device, a set of small Q-plates (attach to the back of your iPhone), and adhesive pad, and an air vent clip. The companion app is available in the App Store.