Photolemur photo editor available Thursday in Klingon, reveals Apple leadership to be aliens

Photolemur’s export UI settings in Klingon.

Photolemur’s export UI settings in Klingon.

Our friends at Skylum Software have announced that they worked with André Müller of the Klingon Language Institute and have translated the AI-powered Photolemur photo editor into the Klingon language. This, of course, is exciting news for our Klingon crew members, who up until this time had no easy way to do photo editing.

Those of you who are fluent in Klingon will immediately recognize the screenshot at the top of this post as the export UI settings for Photolemur.

Photolemur also announced a way for humans to discover their inner alien. Just head to and upload a photo of yourself (or a friend…or Tim Cook) and allow Photolemur to process the image.

Here’s what Apple CEO Tim Cook and Senior VP of Software Engineering Craig “Hair Force One” Federighi look like respectively in their alien forms:

Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 9.56.31 AM.png