Apple security expert Jon Callus leaves, takes job at ACLU

Jon Callus, an Apple security expert, who was previously hired back in 2011, and then re-hired in 2016, is leaving the tech giant again, this time to join the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), according to Reuters.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia

Image courtesy of Wikipedia

At Apple, he led a team of hackers tasked with breaking into pre-release products to test their security. Callus has now launched into a two-year role as technology fellow at the ACLU. 

He’s an American computer security expert, software engineer, user experience designer, and technologist. Callus is the co-founder and former chief technical officer of the global encrypted communications service Silent Circle. 

In addition to Apple, he’s held positions at Digital Equipment Corporation, PGP, and Entrust. Callas is credited with creating several Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standards, including OpenPGP, DKIM, and ZRTP, which he wrote. On his website, Callas describes himself as "an entrepreneur and innovator in information and business security, including cryptography, operating system security, public key infrastructure, and intellectual property rights," as well as "an innovator in human-computer interactions, collaboration and social virtual reality.”