Would you like to see a new 17-inch MacBook Pro?

Writing for 9to5Mac, Ben Lovejoy says that LG’s new gram 17 laptop shows how “lovely” a 17-inch MacBook Pro could be. I think he’s onto something.

17-inch MacBook Pro big.jpg

Imagine a MacBook Pro with expandable memory so you can use third party memory and not have to pay Apple’s outrageous prices. A Mac laptop that’s equipped with more ports than the current version.

The original 17-inch MacBook Pro debuted in April 2006; it shipped in a single dual-core 2.16GHz configuration, with 1GB of RAM and an a 120GB hard drive, for $2,799. It was discontinued in June 2012.

No doubt a 2019 replacement would be very expensive. But would you like to see a 17-inch MacBook Pro?