Microsoft Edge browser coming to Mac in 2019

Ahhh, remember those days when Microsoft Internet Explorer was the only  browser for Mac? That was a long time ago, and it causes many a Mac fan to shudder. Fortunately, Apple was able to survive those days and now Safari and other browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera are available. Now there's word that Microsoft Edge will be available next year for Mac.What's making it possible? Microsoft is moving Edge to the open-source Chromium platform that is the basis for Google Chrome as well. The company is also pulling Edge updates out of the general updates for Windows, so it will be able to make across-the-board or OS-specific updates for Edge without needing to disrupt its Windows operating system.While I'm not sure I'll ever use or even try Edge on a Mac, it's interesting to see that Microsoft is continuing to develop new products for Apple's desktop OS.