The Otterbox Traction is the ‘grippiest’ iPhone case I’ve tried

The $39.95 Otterbox Traction is aptly named: it offers the most “traction” and is the “grippiest” iPhone case I’ve ever tested. 

Traction big.jpg

It doesn’t come with a screen guard — and I urge you add one, especially if you don’t have AppleCare on your smartphone — but otherwise offers decent protection thanks to its polycarbonate shell, synthetic rubber exterior bumper, and synthetic rubber screen bezel.

It protects even while displaying your iPhone’s good looks. The svelte Traction hugs the iPhone and features a soft touch with a splash of color (evening blush, shock berry, electric tide, or night glow). Thanks to its thin design, it slips relatively easy in and out of pockets.

The Traction feels good in the hand and the iPhone’s buttons are still easy to press with it installed. It’s not too bulky and adds almost no weight to the smartphone. 

The Traction isn’t the most protective case around, but you’re probably not going to drop your iPhone with it installed.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★