Synology debuts the DS1819+, an 8-bay NAS

Synology has launched the DiskStation DS1819+, an 8-bay NAS. It’s a compact NAS with an expandable design “that is an ideal investment for small- to medium-sized businesses, capable of hosting several versatile applications," says Kevin Meng, product manager of Synology. 

The DS1819+ includes an Intel quad-core, 2.1GHz processor. It can scale to a total of 18 drive bays when paired with two DX517 expansion units, allowing it to accommodate a total of 216 TB of raw capacity. DS1819+ also includes four gigabit ethernet ports and one PCIe slot for either a 10 GbE network interface card or a M.2 SSD adapter.

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The DS1819+ is powered by DiskStation Manager, Synology’s operating system that includes various applications to enhance work productivity. Businesses can create their own private cloud using DS1819+ and Synology Drive. Drive is a software package that runs on DS1819+ and allows businesses to synchronize files between multiple client computers or other NAS devices. With access to files for group collaboration on a business’ own network, private files can stay safe and within their control.

The DS1819+ offers file and data protection through Snapshot Replication, file self-healing, and Synology C2. With snapshots, anyone with access can “go back in time” to recover overwritten or deleted files, while file self-healing can automatically repair the metadata without any IT admin action. 

Businesses can further ensure the protection of their data with Synology’s C, which offers integrated and cost-effective cloud backup. The DS1819+ is available now at a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $949.99.