Home Automation fans: Get thyself to IKEA

OK, this kind of straddles the line between my regular day gig at Apple World Today and Tangible Tech, but I though that this was worth mentioning to any TT readers who are also fans of home automation.The big news? IKEA has added a $10 wireless control outlet (i.e., "smart outlet") to its Trådfri home automation accessories. This is huge, since this type of smart outlet usually starts at about $25 and goes up from there.In an age where many home automation vendors are also forsaking Apple's HomeKit home automation platform in favor of the less secure frontiers of Amazon Alexa and Google Home, the Trådfri smart outlet supports HomeKit. That means that any Apple device, whether a Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or HomePod, can easily control these inexpensive switches from the Home app.Sadly, the reviews from buyers are pretty low right now, but my guess is that a lot of them were people who were "reviewing" the outlet without actually having one on hand. IKEA had promised the Trådfri outlet in October but it was delayed until now.