Mavin’s Air-X are good earbuds (at least when they stay in your ears)

By David Perry

Mavin's Air-X are, the company claims, the first true wireless earbud to last 10 hours with one standalone charge, and up to 50 hours with its included charging case. 

However — because I'm a man — I never read instructions first, so setting up the earbuds was a bit trickier than I expected. I had a bit of difficulty getting them to sync with my phone. 

I pushed the Air-X button several times, turned Bluetooth on and off on my phone, paired and unpaired devices a few times, and they finally worked. What's with the blue and/or red flashing lights on the buds? A simple on/off switch should be sufficient. Right?

Moving on, I found the button controls seemed simple enough. Now I know why a simple on/off switch wasn't used....go figure. Once set up, the Air-X connect automatically with your phone when Bluetooth is enabled, which is cool. 

The earbuds can also answer phone calls. I haven't had anyone complain about poor audio quality. I can hear better with these than using the phone in the traditional manner. The Air-X also allows for hands-free calls: you can answer and hang up with one push of the earbud button. Easy.

Air-X big.jpg

They consistently last all day with single charge. I've also found the carrying case can partially charge the buds without the need of an external power source — if it's pre-charged. Not sure how long a full charge would take, but it seems it would be much longer than if the case and buds are plugged directly to a power source.

Once you have the Air-X enabled, you’ll probably find the ear piece is large and doesn’t fit securely. Most other buds include inter-changable earpieces of several sizes, but these don't. Oh well, if you have Andre the Giant-size ears, they should be perfect.

The Mavin earbuds sound good, but the bass audio range is lacking. On the plus side, they have a good distance range: over 60 feet through a metal framed office building and several dividing walls.

The combo protective case/charge station — which weighs less than 4.5 grams per earbud — is cool. One component having multiple uses is always a plus for me, as it makes an item super efficient with space usage. The Magnetic charge connection makes for easy docking. I also like the Air-X charge cable for using Micro USB.

The case weighs less than 4.5 grams per earbud. Air-X also features voice assistant support for Siri, call audio in both ears and Qualcomm cVc noise reduction technology. The Air-X's patented antenna design provides a wide-range signal reception designed to enable reliable wireless connection from pocket-to-ear, and ear-to-ear.

Overall, I'm impressed. I think I'll continue to use these regularly even though I have to re-seat them into my ear canal  every so often — and explain to people what's in my ears every hour or so. 

The Air-X is available on Indiegogo with “super early bird” specials starting at $99 (44% off the regular price of $179).

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★