How to change which app opens a file in macOS Mojave

There are default apps that open certain types of files in macOS Mojave. However, you can change this. To open a file once with a specific app, do one of the following:

App choice.jpg
  • Drag the file onto the app icon in the Finder or the Dock.

  • Select the file in the Finder, choose File > Open With, then choose an app.

  • Control-click the file, choose Open With, then choose an app.

  • Open the app, then choose File > Open.

  • To permanently change the app used to open a file

  • In the Finder, select the file, then choose File > Get Info.
    You can also Control-click the file, then choose Get Info.

  • In the Info window, click the disclosure triangle next to “Open with.”

  • Click the pop-up menu, then choose the app.

  • To open all files of this type with this app, click Change All.