Daily Deal: Bluetooth Smart Watch for only $29


Are the kids bugging you for an Apple Watch for Christmas, but you don’t want to shell out $400 or more for something they’ll probably break or lose immediately? Here’s a much better idea: get them the Fastec Bluetooth Smart Watch (on sale for $29) and they can do a lot with it without emptying your wallet.

This Bluetooth-equipped Smart Watch does more than just sync with a smartphone — in fact, it IS a smartphone. Get a SIM from your cellular carrier, pop it into the Fastec Bluetooth Smart Watch, and it can make calls, send texts, and more.

  • Supports hands-free calls & displays caller or text ID

  • Features a built-in alarm & stopwatch

  • Anti-theft alarm, Twitter & Facebook notifications help you keep connected to your day

  • Allows you to take pictures remotely w/ the click of a button

  • Sweat-proof, ergonomic design & built-in calorie counter and pedometer make it great for working out & extended wear

Order one (or more) today from the Apple World Today Deals Shop and they’ll arrive in time to be wrapped and sitting underneath the Christmas tree. All sales are final - no returns accepted.