Kwilt introduces second generation personal cloud smart hubs

 Kwilt has launched the Kwilt2 ($79) and Kwilt3 ($149), two platform-agnostic devices that turn any USB memory key or external drive into a private cloud at home where consumers can offload photos and videos from their smartphones, cameras and other devices and access their content anytime, anywhere.


The company says the Kwilt2 and Kwilt3 improve upon the original Shoebox Mini and Shoebox Plus. The new devices include all of the features of the earlier models, plus a sleek new design, enhanced power and speed thanks to faster Quad-Core CPU and Penta-core GPU processors, multiple USB ports, faster Ethernet and WiFi connectivity and built-in USB and SD card reader ports.

Kwilt2, the entry level device, boasts more power and speed than both previous models and is the perfect personal content storage and aggregation accessory for mobile and tablet photographers, says Marc-Antoine Benglia, CEO of Kwilt. Kwilt3, the premium, performance-oriented device, offers faster processors, enhanced networking speeds and USB 3.0 capabilities to satisfy DSLR, drone and action camera photographers.

The Kwilt2 and Kwilt3 are available for purchase immediately in the U.S. for $79 and $149, respectively, on and Indiegogo. Past customers are eligible for a 50% discount when upgrading to the new Kwilt devices. The Kwilt 4.0 apps are available for free for iOS at the Apple App Store, and the Mac and Windows apps are available at