Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit is coming to Apple’s online store

Kano is bringing the $99.99 Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit, an interactive wand that lets you make and code “magic on a screen” to apple.com and select Apple Stores.

Coding Kit big.jpg

The Kit provides a black plastic wand that works with the accompanying app to teach kids the principles of programming. The block-based coding language and the app’s various challenges are designed to make the most of the wand’s motion controls, so that kids can build and tinker with activities where the wand becomes the main controller.

Kano has also released a new series of videos demonstrating how the Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit works, in collaboration with James and Oliver Phelps (pictured), who played the Weasley Twins in the original Harry Potter movies. Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit has been included in Amazon’s Top 100 list and Toy Insider’s Top Tech 12 list.