Apple Daily Report: Some T2-equipped Macs can’t be repaired by third parties (and more news)

Since Steve and I can’t cover everything, at the end of each week day, we’ll offer this wrap-up of news items you should check out.

Yikes! Apple has confirmed to The Verge that, under a recently revised repair process, only certain authorized replacement parts will work in a T2-equipped Mac. They require a proprietary diagnostic tool be run after the logic board or Touch ID sensor is replaced, so can’t be repaired by third parties.

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Yikes, part II!  Reports on Reddit and other social media platforms from some iPhone users say their Apple ID has been locked on all of their Apple devices, preventing them from accessing stored data and related services.

According to ars technica, the next version of HTTP won’t be using HTTP. Instead it will switch to a protocol layered on top of UDP.

Americans are checking their phones now more than ever, according to CNET. Sixty-three percent of those surveyed by Deloitte are trying to cut back their screen time, but only around half of them are successful in doing so.

9to5Mac notes that, in honor of Stan Lee, the legendary comics writer/editor, Apple is honoring the legendary comic book creator with a special story in the App Store.

Apple has added the HomePod to its online store for refurbished products in the U.S. It’s the first time the company has done so.

AppleInsider reports that three U.S. Senators issued a letter to the Federal Trade Commission on Tuesday, calling on the agency to address the problem of ads in mobile games targeting kids 5 or younger.