The Alpha Glass Screen Protector is a nice companion for most iPhone cases

Before you install a case on your new iPhone, you should consider a screen protector since many cases don’t include one. OtterBox’s $39.95 Alpha Glass Screen Protector is a good choice.

Alpha Glass big.jpg

The “anti-shatter” glass resists scratches and shields against fingerprints on the smartphone display. It’s a bit tricky to apply, but doesn’t affect the responsiveness of the iPhone screen. Plus, since it’s “ultra clear,” it doesn’t mar the appearance of your Apple smartphone. 

I had trouble getting the air bubbles out, a common problem with me. When the iPhone is powered up, you may not notice the bubbles. However, I recommend that you might get someone who’s really good at applying screen protectors to do the job for you.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★