Got a MacBook? Get Rain Design's mBar Pro Foldable Laptop Stand on sale


MacBooks are wonderful, but your neck can get incredibly sore if you use them on a desktop without a stand — looking down all the time can put stress on your neck muscles and cause pain. That’s why the geniuses at Rain Design came up with the mBar Pro and Pro+ Foldable Laptop Stands, perfect for placing your MacBook or MacBook Pro at precisely the right height for comfortable viewing. It’s on sale in the Apple World Today Deals Shop for $46.90, 14% off the regular $55 price.

The short video above goes through the various models of the mBar that Rain Deign makes; we have both the mBar Pro and mBar Pro+ on sale in silver and space gray. The Pro+ model is slightly more expensive than the Pro — it’s on sale for $57.90, down from the usual $65 price tag.

There are a lot of benefits to using the mBar Pro:

  • Elevates your laptop by 5.5 inches & tilts it for more comfortable use

  • Type, swipe & see better w/ an improved viewing angle

  • Increase airflow to your laptop for better cooling

  • Anodized aluminum build complements your device's look

  • Easily folds up for quick transport

  • Works with select tablets for added versatility

Order now to receive your mBar Pro by the beginning of November.