Diamond Assets works with enterprise, education customers on Apple device upgrades

By Rudy Edwards

“Turn your dated digital rocks into diamonds” is the tagline for Diamond Assets, one of the two top (Petabyte) sponsors at this week’s Jamf Nation User Conference (JUNC) 2018. Diamond Assets works with both enterprise and education customers to enable complete upgrading to new Apple devices.

While at JNUC I spoke with Charles Duarte, vice president of Business Development for Diamond Assets. 


“We work with basically any organization that has a volume fleet of aging Apple hardware,” he said. “So our mission as a company is to help organizations bring down the cost of their next purchase of Apple hardware. The way we do that is to buy their existing fleet from them and that money allows them to offset the cost moving forward.”

No matter the size of your fleet Diamond Assets has a plan for you. For example, in a school they could  work with an individual classroom, a computer lab, or the entire school.

To begin, an organization will receive a valuation quote based on their inventory or project needs. Each aging device is graded, like receiving a report card, from “A” (like-new condition) to “F” (functionally defective or broken). Next, Diamond Assets’ Recovery Specialists will arrive to pick up your devices at no cost or, if your organization has a small fleet of devices, you will receive custom shipping boxes and all packing supplies to mail your devices at no cost.  

Devices are cleansed, wiped, evaluated, and an audit report is generated. Diamond Assets then works with the organization to meet specific needs for receiving payment whether the money is sent directly to the organization or perhaps to the leasing company on the organization’s behalf. To learn more check out Diamond Assets’ site at diamond-assets.com.