mophie powerstation USB-C 3XL adds up to 18 hours of battery life to MacBooks

Planning on taking a long international flight in the near future, but you’re worried about whether or not the onboard power plugs will be working (hint: they usually don’t work, at least for me)? mophie has a great new product that’s available from its website,, and some Apple stores that will keep you going: the powerstation USB-C 3XL (US$199.95) is a small battery pack with a big capacity.

At 26,000 mAh, the powerstation USB-C 3XL is the largest powerstation mophie offers. It has dedicated USB-C PD (power distribution) input and output ports, so it charges quickly and can recharge other devices in record time. Some iPhones can even be charged from zero to 50 percent charge in just 30 minutes. There’s a USB-A port as well for charging a second device, and mophie throws in USB-C to USB-C and USB-A to USB-C cables.

Like most mophie products, the powerstation USB-C 3XL is equipped with Priority+ charging, meaning that power is sent to connected devices before the powerstation begins to recharge itself. It’s covered with a durable fabric for a nice feel and protection against scratches — and it won’t scratch your MacBook or MacBook Pro if they’re in the same bag.

Apple World Today will have a full review of the mophie powerstation USB-C 3XL in the near future.