LifeProof NEXT offers decent protection for a (relatively) slim case

There are some cases that make an iPhone practically bulletproof, but they’re bulky. Other cases barely add any heft to the Apple smartphone, but won’t protect the device from serious damage. LifeProof’s $79.99 NEXT for the iPhone Xs Max is a compromise between both extremes. 

Next big.jpg

It offers drop, dirt, and snow protection in a kinda-slim, if somewhat bland, case. Note that it’s not waterproof. Plus, the back of it is clear, hard plastic, so is easily scratched and shows fingerprints. 

On the plus side, the NEXT can be used to charge the iPhone Xs Max with a Qi wireless charging base. It’s relatively easy to install and provides easy access to the smartphone’s buttons, ports, and controls. 

Regarding screen protection, the NEXT provides above-average protection between the case edge and the screen due to its extra width. Still, this doesn’t negate the need for a true screen protector.

Overall, the NEXT is quite svelte for a protective case that offers a decent level of durability.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★