AWT TV Episode 33: January 2, 2018

Welcome to AWT TV, a weekly show featuring Steve Sande, Dennis Sellers and Marty Edwards of Apple World Today. Each week we'll discuss what's happened in the world of Apple, talk about new apps and accessories, maybe even have a demonstration or two of the latest software.

It's the first show of the new year! We hope that you and your families had a pleasant holiday season, and that you're looking forward to 2018 as much as we are. We both had "exciting" New Year's Eve adventures to report (like going to bed early), we talk about the winter weather, and then we get into the real meat of the discussion: what we'd like to see from Apple in 2018.

Steve would love to see a smaller, more "hobbyist" type of Mac mini -- maybe something the size of the Apple TV -- that could be used as a Plex server, macOS Server, or for an inexpensive hobbyist Mac something like a Raspberry Pi.

Steve mentions his macOS Server series on in case any viewers are interested in playing with Server.

We talk about Apple's $29 battery replacement policy that came up after "Batterygate", the revelation that Apple was slowing down older iPhones that had compromised batteries in order to keep them from shutting down unexpectedly.

Marty mentions that there may be a utility that allows users to look at the battery stats built into iOS in the future.

Steve reminisces about TechBASIC, which runs on iOS devices and allows users to program their own apps. It's $15 in the App Store.

Hardware announcements: will Apple intro some new Macs at WWDC 2018, or before? Will we see the new Mac Pro?

Steve talks about a recent cruise on Royal Caribbean's Harmony of the Seas, which uses iPads for making reservations for restaurants and shore excursions, and 21.5-inch iMacs in the customer service area. And the best shipboard internet EVER, from VOOM (O3b).

Marty brought up Internet over power line, which is being deployed in some areas. That brings up a paean to amateur radio and the people who brought us the amazing technology we're using these days. We talk about OWC's teardown of the iMac Pro, which actually came out ahead of iFixit!

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