Apple to focus on security, stability instead of new features in iOS 12

Apple has tweaked its iOS software plans for 2018, delaying some features to 2019 in an effort to put more focus on addressing performance and quality issues, according to an Axio report.

This makes sense. The tech giant has been criticized of late for security glitches in both iOS and macOS, as well as for how it handles battery issues on older devices (the “Batteygate” brouhaha). 

iOS 11.jpeg

It also begs the question: how does this affect Apple’s plans for the rumored “universal” apps (assuming the rumor is true)? The company plans to allow developers to release universal apps that work across the macOS and iOS as early as next year as part of the company’s “Marzipan” project, according to Bloomberg News.

Look for Apple’s iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS plans to be unveiled at this summer’s Worldwide Developer Conference.