Have a MacBook? Get an outstanding deal on the Rain Design mStand 360


Whether your goal is to use your MacBook (plain, Air or Pro) more comfortably, give it a swivel base for sharing ideas with your co-workers, or just improve the airflow around your notebook, the Rain Design mStand 360 is the way to accomplish that goal. This gorgeous laptop stand with a swivel base is available for the next few days for $49.99, a 16 percent discount off the usual $59.90 retail price.

Available in Silver, Gold and Space Gray, the mStand 360 laptop stand gives you the following features:

  • Swivel base lets you quickly share ideas w/ coworkers
  • Solid single aluminum base provides stability & acts as a heat sink cooling your computer
  • Tilt design brings notebook closer to you & improves the airflow of your notebook
  • Anodized aluminum matches MacBooks
  • Cable outlet helps you organize your desk & there's space to stash your keyboard

This deal expires soon, so head over to the Apple World Today Deals Shop right now to pick up the mStand 360 at this awesome discount.