Apple's ‘What’s a Computer?’ ad for the iPad Pro is just plain annoying

Apple’s iPad Pro commercial in which a kid asks, "What's a computer?” is irritating to lots of folks — and that includes me. 

The ad follows a young girl, who looks to be about 14, throughout a day of taking photos, chatting, writing, doing school work, etc. on her iPad Pro. Later she’s lying on the grass in her backyard, typing away on her Apple tablet. A neighbor asks her what she's doing on her computer.

"What's a computer?" the kid replies.

What's a computer?.jpg

I realize that the ad is meant to show the versatility of the iPad. However, unless it’s set years in the future — and it obviously isn’t — the kid comes off as either not-too-bright or as a brat with a saucy mouth who’s talking down to her neighbor. 

What kid over the age of four doesn’t know what a computer is? All my nieces and nephews (and I have a lot) know what a “ ‘puter” is. 

Apple has run some great ads in its time. However, the “What’s a Computer?” commercial is, in my opinion, a dud that may eventually rank up their with the “Lemmings” ad and the “Mac Guy Genius” spots.