PencilSnap for the Apple Pencil is a handsome, if limited, holster

TwelveSouth’s $29.99 PencilSnap is an Apple Pencil holster with hidden magnets that keep the iPad Pro tool connected to your Apple Smart Cover, Apple Smart Keyboard, or Twelve South SurfacePad. Well, kinda.

PencilSnap big.jpeg

It does attach to the cases and holds the tablet accessory in place — unless there’s a sudden jolt or quick movement. For example, if you stumble or move your iPad quickly, the PencilSnap will fall off. This is why I wouldn’t use it for this purpose anywhere other than my home office. Otherwise, I’d be afraid it would fall off and I’d lose it and my Apple Pencil.

I find using the PencilSnap — available in black or “camel” versions — more useful as a standalone protective sleeve to keep the Apple Pencil free from nicks and scratches. At 7.36 x .95 inches, it fits like a glove and its genuine leather design is handsome and elegant.

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★