Class action lawsuit in Israel planned against Apple, Intel, ARM over processor exploits

A group of Israelis has filed a request with the Haifa District Court of Israel to file a class-action lawsuit against Apple, Intel, and ARM because of the "Spectre" and "Meltdown" processor exploits. The six District Courts in Israel serve both as the appellate courts and also as the court of first instance for some cases (e.g. real estate or IP). 

Intel .jpeg

According to a Hamodia report, the plaintiffs are represented by attorney Rimon Zinati, and include users of computers and smartphones that include processors made by the companies.In the complaint, Zinati writes:

Something new has appeared on the tech landscape. Our worst nightmares have come to pass, and a giant tech bubble has burst. That this is an earthquake is an understatement. Since the announcement by the companies of the vulnerabilities of their products, we realize that we are living in a fantasy world and now realize that we do not even have a minimum of privacy.

The court is set to give its decision on the matter in the coming weeks, according to Hamodia.