Your New Year's Resolution: Get a lifetime subscription to CleanEmail for $59.99


You know how you're always procrastinating about getting your email mess cleaned up? No more excuses! With today's Apple World Today Deals Shop deal, you can get a lifetime subscription to CleanEmail for $59.99

So what exactly is CleanEmail? It's an online bulk email cleaner that empowers you to take control of your mailbox. It relies on powerful rules and filters you can define to efficiently segment your mailbox into relevant groups, allowing you to quickly identify useful and clean up useless emails with a few clicks. If your mailbox is overloaded with promo emails, notifications, unread messages, and you just don't know where to start, then CleanEmail will help you see your inbox in a brand new light.

  • Cleans 5 mail accounts w/ no limitations
  • Uses sophisticated algorithms to identify & categorize emails, giving you all the power to perform the final clean
  • Permanently deletes spam & unwanted emails in the groups you choose to be removed
  • Lets you apply or clear labels to & from multiple emails at once
  • Conveniently moves, stores, & archives important emails more easily than ever
  • Built to work from any major browsers, on all email clients & on all devices for easy removal across devices & accounts
  • Encrypts access details & removes data after 24 hours so CleanEmail never retains access to your information

Want to try it out for a year or two before committing? We have a one-year subscription for $19.99 or a two-year deal for $29.99. For the best possible savings, get the lifetime subscription and you'll never feel bad about a messy inbox again.