Federal judge sides with Apple in its battle with Qualcomm

A federal judge in San Diego has sided with Apple in its royalty dispute with Qualcomm, reports Reuters. The Cupertino, California-based company’s 11 foreign lawsuits against the world’s dominant supplier of baseband processors can proceed while the dispute plays out in the U.S.

Apple vs Qualcomm.jpg

Qualcomm wanted to force Apple contractors to pay royalties while other legal matters were ongoing. According to The Wall Street Journal , the judge denied Qualcomm’s request to dismiss the royalty lawsuit filed by Apple's manufacturers, meaning those parties can keep withholding payments for the time being. Apple says that, “Qualcomm must establish the fair value of its technology and defend its business practices in court.”

Qualcomm says, “While we are disappointed by today’s rulings, we recognize that the motions involved high procedural hurdles.”