Report: the UK averages one iPhone for every two people, a personal finance comparison website with over three million users worldwide, has shared research with Apple World Today with some interesting stats about iPhones to celebrate the upcoming release of the “iPhone 8.” 

iPhone chart.jpeg

Apple doesn't release UK sales numbers, estimates 32 million iPhones have been bought in the UK since 2011. That's one Apple smartphone for every two people in the UK. 

However, as much as the UK loves Apple, also finds that iPhones, on average, cost £36.40 more in the UK than the U.S. The website estimates that British buyers have spent £1.1 billion more than U.S. customers in total. (Apple has offered no concrete explanation for these pricing differences that I know of).

The number of iPhones purchased was estimated by finding the number of new iPhone users, and adding that to the number of existing iPhone users who would want an upgrade. You can find the complete report here.