Apple’s Ningbo, China retail store at Tianyi Square opens Sept. 16

Apple’s Ningbo, China location at Tianyi Square will open on Sept. 16, reports AppleInsider. It will be the tech giant’s 41st retail store in the country. 

Tianyi Square.jpg

The store will be located in the Tianyi Square retail area location. With the opening of the store, Apple will have 501 retail stores in 23 countries and an online store available in 39 countries.

Tianyi Square is the biggest square in Ningbo, Zhejiang province. It’s surrounded by 22 different buildings with a European style. The Square is divided into 10 sections, including supermarket area, retail area, electronics area, souvenir area, clothing area, hotel area, entertainment area, restaurant area, children’s area and a mixed area. There are a total of about 300 shops in the Square.