Mellel: The advanced word processor for real writers

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Macs have been the writer’s computer of choice since the 1980s, and as a result there are probably more text editors and word processing apps for macOS than any other operating system. However, most of those tools don’t have what it takes to do really serious writing on the Mac. Take for instance, writing research papers with complex mathematical functions and copious references, or writing a book with extensive cross-references, footnotes, many chapters and subsections. The only word processor that can handle it all is Mellel, this week’s sponsor of Apple World Today.

Here’s a humorous look at what Mellel handles with ease that the “King of Word Processors” doesn’t even have a clue how to do:

Mellel's powerful 21st-century text engine enables an object-based approach to word processing, making tasks in long-form documents happen instantly. Have hundreds of saved searches? You can run all of them at once with Mellel. Need to move sections of a document around, or promote or demote them? Auto-title objects make that task as simple as clicking and dragging, with Mellel doing all the work behind the scenes.

Mellel 4 is the latest version of this powerful word processor, which has been around for 16 years and has over 100,000 registered users. The new version includes an Index tool that can save over 50 percent of the time needed to create an index. There’s a completely overhauled Outline tool for developing outlines with ease, and a Story pane to support your writing with character and location details. 

It takes a while to learn and master a new tool, and Mellel’s unique user interface can be daunting to someone used to Microsoft Word or Pages. That’s why the team at Mellel created MellelU, an online learning center including videos, tutorials, and detailed documentation. You can try the get started tutorials to get your feet wet, then go as deep as you want into features and configuration options. 

Professional writers use Mellel for some very good reasons:

  • Rock solid stability, with no crashes or corrupted files
  • The ability to review control the structure of your huge document from the Outline tool
  • Lightning-fast speed, even with documents with hundreds (or thousands) of pages, cross-references, footnotes, chapters, and subsections. 
  • Smart multi-part headings, smart widow/orphan controls, the ability to update multi-part cross references, complete support for rare languages, and more
  • Automated repeated search tasks using Find Sets

The iPad version of Mellel brings the power of the app to Apple's tablet platform. The Mac and iPad versions are in sync in terms of features, so Mellel for iPad supports those documents you've written on the Mac perfectly. You can edit and style your document on the iPad, track changes, navigate your work via the Outline, and make all the changes you need...from anywhere.

Mellel truly is the leader in word processing for long-form documents on the Mac. We’re proud to have Mellel as a sponsor of Apple World Today this week, and we encourage AWT readers to download a 30-day trial to see how Mellel can make creating beautiful long-form documents easier and faster than ever before. 

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